Our Story

"We were grown up in a very hygiene conscious environment which was in itself a blessing. However, We always found it embarrassing to carry an ugly plastic box with a bunch of barber tools whenever we went for a haircut to my barber. in 2019 while doing a medical research, We found out the intensity of widespread of contagious diseases specially Hepatitis and HIV during recent years. But to our dismay, no one was paying attention to the cause and there was no solution available for the general public in the market.
On that day, We decided to focus my efforts to do something for my beloved nation. We started TEMFA with a small mission but the focus of our team helped us in gaining the attention of our valuable customers and brand ambassadors and within a few months, we added value to the lives of more than 10,000 consumers. 
We highly appreciate the support of our customers in bringing our brand to the stage where we are right now and to further help us in continuing our mission!" 

Our Vision

The vision of our brand is to terminate the spread of contagious diseases through haircuts in Pakistan as soon as possible by providing reliable cross-functional solutions and products to the general public.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide protection to 1 Million Lives in Pakistan against contagious diseases by the end of 2025.